How To Stop Early Ejaculation Problem Naturally?

Early ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction,How To Stop Early Ejaculation Problem Naturally? Articles in which a male ejaculates prematurely, that is, before his partner, or indeed he himself has arrived at a lovemaking climax. Moreover, this sexual dysfunction can cause a lot of dissatisfaction from intimate acts, due to which it could lead to frustration and even raise issues between both the partners. Furthermore, some studies have shown that, early ejaculation is one of the leading sexual incompatibility causes for breaking relationships. Nevertheless, some statistics reveal that, one in three men suffer from ejaculation problems and, of all sexual dysfunctions, early ejaculation is reported to affect some 70-80 percent of the people. Besides, ejaculation problems can cause distress or interpersonal difficulty for a man and his partner, due to lack of enjoyment in sexual activities.

Nonetheless, male suffering from this sexual dysfunction feels dissatisfied, because he is unable to hold out the pleasurable sensation of intimate contact for longer time periods. On the other hand, female partner cannot enjoy intimacy because she would not be able to reach her enjoyment peak.

Nonetheless, no exact cause for early ejaculation is known till today. But, some experts consider that, this sexual dysfunction is caused by psychological issues. However, the ejaculation problems can be caused due to a complex interaction of both psychological and physiological problems. Besides, there are two types of premature ejaculation that are mentioned ahead. Firstly, primary premature ejaculation is a condition in which a male has to suffer from ejaculation problems from the very starting of his sexual life. Secondly, secondary premature ejaculation develops in later stages of life, because of some physical or psychological disorders.

Nevertheless, some of the leading causes for early ejaculation problem are mentioned below.

1. Weak reproductive organs can affect the functioning of ejaculatory mechanism by interfering with its reflex action to stimulants. Moreover, inappropriate reflex can force ejaculatory mechanism to ejaculate seminal fluid prematurely. Nevertheless, due to inefficient ejaculatory mechanism, a male might suffer from retrograde ejaculation. Furthermore, retrograde ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction in which seminal fluid enters prostate instead of getting ejaculated out.

2. Any male going through persistent emotional problems may suffer from ejaculation problems. In addition, anxiety and stress are two most common psychological problems that are responsible for causing early ejaculation in many cases. In particular, when an individual suffer from performance anxiety at the time of intimacy, then he is likely to ejaculate quickly.

3. Fear for intimacy is another psychological problem that can hinder male’s performance in bed. Moreover, the fear for lovemaking can arise due to several causes. But, early childhood problems are considered as the leading cause for this emotional problem. However, it is found that, fear for intimacy resolves with time.


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