Tab Top Curtains – Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

Curtains come in every color, fabric, texture and print. The designs range from very simple to elaborately ornamented. People use curtains for different purposes as well. The most common uses are to provide shade from the sun and warmth from the winter winds.

There are many different kinds of curtains that people use for different purposes, such as beaded curtains, hospital curtains, toilet curtains or sheer curtains. Today, we are going to talk about the tab top curtains.

For many years, tab top curtains have been in and out of houses all across the country. You know what they look like…these are curtains that have frilly little attachments on top. Every person has seen one, mainly because tab top curtains have been in fashion more than a few times in the past few decades.

Household fashions, just like clothing fashions and hairstyles, change over time. Trends may stay from a couple of months to a few years, and then they fade away. Sometimes they come back after a decade or two, just like the bell bottom pants and retro shirts. Rarely do we find a fashion item that is in this year, and out the next, then in again the following year. But this is the case Sheer Curtains with the tab top curtains.

Tab top curtains have enough staying power to keep coming back after people have temporarily forgotten about them, but their resilience is not enough make them a permanent household decoration.

This phenomenon is perhaps due to people’s varying impression of the tab top curtains. Some people may think that tab top curtains are too shabby for their taste because of the ruffles on top. Other may say that the ruffles add lavishness to an otherwise boring curtain.

In other words, tab top curtains are quite interesting which explains their frequent mini-comebacks in household trends. However, they are not exciting enough to retain people’s interest for a long time.


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