present education system of pakistan and islam

Nobody can deny the significance of training as it is one of the crucial component for advancement and by inheritance, everything being equal. Islam likewise urges his adherents to get schooling.


No country on the planet can get by without getting great quality and advance instruction that takes the country towards improvement. Being a Muslim country the school system of Pakistan should follow our Islamic qualities and Fiqh,present school system of pakistan and islam Articles however in truly the schooling system of Pakistan needs a great deal of corrections to become in accordance with Islamic ethics and Fiqh.

Reason for training in Islam:

In Islam the genuine reason for learning is to turn out to be all the more near Allah, his prophet (P.B.U.H) and instructing of Quran, yet tragically this object isn’t apparent in our advanced school system. The approach of Islam in regards to schooling generally pointed towards the structure of Islamic outlook and Islamic nature. At the point when these two things are consolidating together they structure an Islamic character.

School systems in Pakistan:

At present there are numerous schooling systems are running in Pakistan. Tuition based schools have their own schedule. Just the board assessment prospectus is same in a region, and board schedule fluctuates from one board to another. Some global educational systems have more unique schooling systems and offers O’ levels, A’ levels. This large number of school systems are not as per the Islamic nature as they for the most part follow the western schooling system wherein the set of experiences is simply going to tell the understudies in regards to universal conflicts held before. Islamic is a religion of Harmony and success.

Madrassa school system:

The madrassas should be the supplier of Islamic schooling, however in genuine the situation is totally different. The consequence of these madrassas is before us. These are just for those youngsters whose family can’t stand to send them schools or who are not intrigued by school training. There are likewise some adverse consequence of madrassa¬†education Egypt that they are making psychological oppressor and this talk harm a ton the impression of Madrassas. There are some non-Islamic extremist that are attempting to obliterate the picture of Madrassas.


The school system of Pakistan ought to be as per the Islamic qualities as Pakistan is an Islamic country. In Pakistan training is currently turned into a business rather than administration. Studio directed for educators about how they can instruct and relate their course with Islamic Fiqh.


No country can become succeed on the planet without schooling. Pakistani schooling system contains different school systems including private, public, worldwide and madrassa framework.


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