Here is How Vitamins Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder,Guest Posting in which a man finds it hard to have an erection. To hold an erection for longer is even a more difficult task. There are many treatments available for ED according to the health of the patients. In one hand, where ED drugs help patients to achieve an erection, specific erectile dysfunction vitamins and dietary supplements also help others to deal with ED.

In this article, we will talk about specific nutrients which help patients with ED. You will get to know how those vitamins also help you to treat ED permanently.

Erectile Dysfunction Vitamins

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, the keenness of treatment is quite reasonable. But in the sake of treating ED, one must be aware of dietary supplements that claim to treat the problem. Instead, you must be knowing that certain vitamins can help you to deal with the disorder.

Vitamin B3: A daily dose of B3 or Niacin is helpful for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Men with high cholesterol are vert likely to suffer from ED. Vitamin B3 helps in lowering the level of high cholesterol in the body.

Due to certain heart diseases, the blood vessels of the body get inflamed. Thus, it leads to erectile dysfunction to the penis. B3 is also useful in reducing the inflammation and followed by the erectile disorder.

Vitamin D: The benefit of Vitamin D, is known to be as much as Viagra. The lower level of this results in erectile dysfunction. This is also known as the sunshine vitamin. The researchers found that the majority of men with the deficiency find it difficult to have a better sex life. Some habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and some diseases such as diabetes, and high blood pressure reduce the level of Vitamin D in the body and cause impotence.

Restoring Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction

The best part of the vitamin deficiency is that one can restore them with proper diet and supplements. There are specific natural remedies to restore vitamin B3 and vitamin D deficiency in the body.

How to restore vitamin B3: The plant sources of vitamin B3 are cereals like corn, wheat, grains, leafy vegetables, legumes, tea and coffee. The other sources are like 온라인약국 시알리스 poultry, meat, fish, milk, yeast etc.

How to restore Vitamin D: Spinach, Okra, Soybeans, some fatty fishes like tuna, mackerel, salmon, and rainbow trout are the most effective source of Vitamin D. Dairy products can also be used to restore the lacking level of vitamin D in the body.

Does Medicines Help?

Well, as we mentioned earlier that there are multiple treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. ED drugs are one of the most effective treatment procedures for those who are looking for instant help. Some ED drugs like Viagra 200 mg, Cialis and Levitra, are the most recommended ED drugs for men suffering from ED. The medicines are to be taken 30 to 45 minutes before sexual involvement. These medicines help in increasing the blood flow to the penis and achieve an erection faster.


Vitamins are beneficial as they help in improving the overall health of the human body. ED drugs mostly relax the muscles and the blood vessels to increase the pace of the blood flow to the penis. Erectile dysfunction vitamins are the safest way as they don’t have much side effects.They also have natural sources, and also one can prefer taking vitamin supplements instead. Before taking any ED rug, don’t forget to ask your doctor if that is safe for your health.


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