Fantasy Football Disappointments of 2009

Don’t you hate it when you draft a player in the first round of your fantasy football draft, only to see that week after week he’s simply not putting up the numbers you came to expect? I know that I do, and it’s very frustrating. In fact, it seems like it happens to just about one of my teams every season and to be honest, I’m sick of it!

I wish there was a way to see these things coming, but sometimes there’s not. Anyway, here’s a list of three fantasy football สมัคร ufabet มือถือ disappointments through the first 5 weeks of the football season. While it’s not too late for any of these guys to turn it around, things are getting tight as they’re running out of time!

1. Brian Westbrook. When healthy, this guy is typically a top 5 fantasy stud. Between his running and receiving abilities, he’s great at finding the end zone. Not so much in 2009. Injuries and LeSean McCoy have both hurt his value so far.

2. Steven Jackson. Who would have thought that Jackson would be without a touchdown this far into the season? While his yards have been respectable, he’s simply been on a bad team that can’t score touchdowns.

3. Greg Jennings. Donald Driver is getting older and Greg Jennings is getting better. This was the mantra in 2008, and it proved to be true. Jennings was a top wide receiver all season, only this year Driver is somehow outperforming Jennings. Funny how that’s happened!